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Appease Builders Co.; offers a complete electrical solution. From a simple task of changing out plugs and switches and repairing ground connections to a full re-wire and panel change-out. We also install EVSE (car charging stations).

Don't worry; we will do all the repairs, drywall and plaster repairs.

Our professional installers will guarantee perfection at every step of the installation to make sure that you have a reliable product that works perfectly - letting you live your life hassle-free.

Making life easier...

Appease Builders, Long beach, CA. Electrical Outlet Upgrades

With all of today's gadgets, it just seems so much easier to have the USB power married into our outlets. The alternative adapters are just so bulky and take so much space. We can upgrade your outlets to put just a bit more simplicity in your life.

USB ports, electrical outlets, installation, Appease Builders
Exterior outlets and electrical  projects by Appease Builders, Long Beach, CA
Appease Builders Co. Exterior Outlet installations
Appease Builders Co. Exterior Outlet installations

This Bubble Exterior outlet, allows for continuous electrical connections while keeping the Outlet water proof.

Making life safer...

Exterior outlets should always be waterproof and never have extension cords kept attached without use or with the cover in the open position. Code requires G.F.C.I. for ALL exterior Outlets.



EV charging stations, Appease Builders
EV charging stations, Appease Builders
EV charging stations, Appease Builders

With today's forward-thinking, Appease Builders brings you EV charging stations for the convenience of today's electric cars.

Appease Builders, brings in all the connections for fast charging. Let us connect you with the future.

JuiceBox Pro 40

Making life Cleaner...

Installed by: Appease Builders Co.

Appease Builders Co., pictured is the JuiceBox 40 EVSE
Appease Builders Co., pictured is the JuiceBox 40 EVSE
Appease Builders Co., pictured is the JuiceNet, the WiFi Appication.
  • High-power, 40 ampere, 10kW EV charging station. Indoor / outdoor installation. Cable management mount included. UL listed. Built in USA.

  • JuiceNet features: full app and web-based charging control, including: scheduling, energy metering, notifications, LED charging light indicators, etc. Voice control via Amazon Echo / Alexa.

  • Ideal for home and apartment-dwelling EV drivers who need a charging station powerful enough to quickly recharge the battery between trips at home and are looking to control charging times to avoid peak electric demand/rates.

  • Can be used with any power source: plugs into a dryer, RV-type or regular wall outlet with available adapters. Just install a simple 14-50R outlet and you're ready to plug in your JuiceBox.

  • Qualifies for eMotorWerks' JuicePoints rewards program, earning cash payments. PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E utilities.

JuiceBox Pro 40 with JuiceNet: WiFi-equipped 40 Amp UL Listed Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE) with 24-foot cable and NEMA 14-50 plug

Recessed lighting installation by Appease Builders

Making life a little brighter...

Common ceiling lights typically use incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. ... Recessed lighting or can lighting is an excellent source to illuminate a room with a minimalist approach that avoids clutter. Recessed lights are great options in situations in smaller areas or with low ceilings as they do not protrude down from the ceiling

Recessed lighting by Appease Builders

Installed by: Appease Builders Co.


Many people love the character of older homes, yet the wiring inside most older houses simply wasn’t designed to handle the load and electrical needs we have today. Some wiring issues are just inconveniences, but others can be serious safety hazards that could cause a deadly fire.

Nick Gromicko of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) has expanded on a report by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and compiled a list of the life expectancies for key components of residential electrical systems. Following is a rundown on how long you might expect certain of these elements to last, based on data from both the NACHI and NAHB reports -- as well as what it might currently cost you to replace some of them.

Wiring - 50/70 years

The most obvious component of your electrical system is the wiring. Both NACHI and NAHB charts agree that copper wiring can last 100 years or more. But the real life expectancy of your wiring is not in the copper; it's dependent on the wiring's insulation, and that lifetime can vary widely.



Service panels - 60 years

The electrical service panel is the box that holds your circuit breakers. The panel takes the power line from the street and distributes the current to the circuits in the house. It has its own "main" breaker that cuts power to the entire house with the flip of the switch.


Breakers - 30/40 years


The circuit breakers are more likely to fail than the panel. A breaker that is tripped often is more likely to fail, though most breakers nowadays are rated to work as switches.

Receptacle GFCIs - 15/20 years

Ground-fault interrupters also are made as receptacles, looking very much like a plug receptacle in the wall.

Switches and receptacles - 30 years

The NACHI chart says that lighting controls have an average life expectancy of 30 years, but of course, the lifetime of a switch is inversely proportionate to the frequency of its use.

Appease Builders Co., Electrical wiring
Appease Builders Co., Electrical frayed wiring

Installed by: Appease Builders Co.

Appease Builders Co., frount of a house and guys working on new electrical panel
Appease Builders Co., Electrical panel and circuit breakers

Installed by: Appease Builders Co.

Appease Builders Co., modern switches offered
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