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Appease Builders - SunSetter awnings

Installed by; Appease Builders


Sold by; Lowe's


Have you ever wished you can get a little relief from the blazing sun and need a simple and cost effective way to do it? Here are some options that we feel will bring the relief you are looking for. Beautiful, cost effective and one (1) day installation. Gazebos and Arbors by Appease Builders.

Sheds, built by Appease Builders

Sheds, built by Appease Builders

Assembled by Appease

Assembled by Appease

Sold by Lowe's, Assembled by Appease

Sold by Lowe's, Assembled by Appease

Assembly of Gazebos, Play-sets & Storage Sheds

Appease Builders is focused on making your life easier. When you think "Home Improvement", There is no reason to call anyone else but us.

Since our company is made out of builders and construction personnel, we can build or assemble practically anything.

  • Gazebos

  • Children's Play-Sets

  • Arbors

  • Storage Sheds

Because we are a multi-trade company, we can also offer you an array of add-ons to your project.

  • Electrical: for lighting, appliance hook-ups and such.

  • Plumbing: to bring in water and or sewerage to your shed for a laundry facility.

Appease Builders - Business - Repairs & Add-ons. Handyman Long Beach, CA.
Attached custom built gazebos

This is a three phase project in N. Long Beach. The concrete slab is constructed at two levels to allow for tile and thin brick to flow evenly with the surrounding concrete slab. The entire slab measures 12’x27’x3”. High strength 4500psi concrete and rebar was used to withstand high traffic and allow for durability.


A water irrigation drainage system was also added along the side of the garage with two internal wells to allow for adequate drainage.

The attached Gazebo, flowing with the roofing of the garage and attached to form as an open structure.

This is a sample of our work and more pictures are avalible in our blog of the ongoing construction process.

Assembled or built to order

This is a sample of an Arbor that comes as a packaged product and ready to assemble.

There are many different types of Arbor and this is why we have given you a few to look at as the pictures scan though. If what you have seen eslewhere is not in our selection, not to worry, we can build it to your liking.

This is a sample of an Gazebos that comes as a packaged product and ready to assemble.

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