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Sherwin Williams - Adding color to our projects.

Appease Builders is all about finding partnerships to create value for our customers. From inception, we have always focused on finding ways to save our customers money, but more importantly connecting value in such a way that finishes off our projects looking their best.

Almost every project requires paint and from design to finish, Sherwin Williams we feel fills this niche.

Sherwin Williams - Adding color to our projects.


With this exclusive vendor partnership, we are offering together the following:

  • Exceptional paint

  • Expert purchasing advice from Sherwin Williams

  • FREE (1hr) Design consulting on paint selection on signing

  • UP TO 50% discount on selected paints and accessories

Because of how Appease Builders is structured, we NEVER resell materials. ALL material receipts and including discounts are given to our customers. Contractors love to find partnerships with vendors to get better deals to fill their pockets and increase company profits. Appease Builders is all about saving our customers money. If we find discounts, they go to our customers. This is how you create relationships that last a lifetime.

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