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Appease Builders can either make custom screens or replace your damaged ones. From a standard screen to the latest in innovation, we can provide the product you are looking for. Pollen-TEC screen is now available for install by Appease Builders.

We have a selection of frame colors to pick from. Heavier duty frames and screens available by special request.

We understand that selection is important. We have a big selection of frames and screens to choose from. We like to think we have the lastest that technology has to offer, yet we are always open to new ideas. At Appease Builders, it's not about what we have, but what you need.

Screens for your windows and doors. Replacements or new.

Quality window screens by Appease Builders. We provide on-site FREE estimates for screen repair, new window screens and window re-screening at your home or business. Our window screen service includes:


  • New Frame and Screens - Up-grades available

  • New Frames and Screens - Specialty

  • Re-Screen Existing Frames

  • Custom Made On-site or at our shop

  • Guaranteed to Fit

  • Heavier Gauge Screen Frames

  • Choice of Fabrics

Patio screens; New or replacement. Let us look at your request and we will together, make it happen.

In addition to replacement window screens and sliding screen doors, we offer solar screens, roll-up solar shades, retractable screen doors, retractable window screens, security screens, pet screen, copper screen and much more.

Innovation to clean air and a healthier live.

  • Revolutionary screen

  • Filtration mesh material

  • STOPS DUST | POLLEN and other pollutants from entering your indoor environment


For millions of Americans that suffer from pollen & dust allergens, opening windows and patio doors and turning off air conditioners (saving energy and money) is only a dream. Now you can.

With the advanced technologies of the PollenTEC screen, enjoying the fresh air is now a reality. PollenTEC screens look very similar to normal screens but are designed with a unique filtering effect.

Click on the red PDF symbol to read more about Pollen-TEC.

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