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Appease Builders want to be as informative as possible, because we feel that choices should be made by real information rather then a sells pitch… what we mean is, providing ALL the information so that you can make a sound decision, rather then just selling you a product based on a quick sale.

Appease Builders - Stucco and Fog services



Stucco is a (mixture) Sand and Portland cement product and can also be made from Lime and Portland cement. It goes back to the beginning of ancient buildings and is porous for breath-ability. In the very beginning, there were limitations as to it’s color offering, but today the offering are abundant. Stucco, if taken care of properly, can last for decades.



The answer to that question is a bit complex. We are going to answer ahead and give you a big “NO”. But why “no” when so many people do it?


Why, should you not paint Stucco, is the question… remember earlier when we said that Stucco needs to breath… When you paint Stucco, you basically seal the Stucco and minimize it’s breathing capabilities. Some would think, this is a good thing, but remember when we said that Stucco can last for decades…, well, not so much after it’s painted. In fact, after you paint Stucco, plan on re-painting every five years or so. Also, the paint almost always traps moisture between the Stucco membrane and paint and while it’s trying to escape, causes the paint to bubble and chip. The trapped moisture also causes the outer finish layer of stucco to rot and eat through fostering mold and bacteria. But, this still doesn't answer the question, why do most do it.


  • Most people paint Stucco, because they don't know any better. They don't have the information.

  • Other people paint there Stucco, because they find it’s cheaper.

  • Some are sold the idea that it protects the Stucco.

  • Painters themselves may not be aware of the options and other may not have the options to offer.



The answer is… Absolutely! Yet it’s not an inexpensive endeavor. Normally it’s two to three time the cost of painting. But, if you take the few points below to consideration, you'll understand why it’s more expensive and come to realize the benefits.


Process -


  • Depending on the condition of the paint and stucco top coat, will determine the first process. Either a strong pressure wash to remove the paint and lose top coat or a pressure sand blast.

  • Now it’s time to repair ALL the damaged areas… damaged stucco, and cracks need to be sealed and repaired prior to top coating.

  • Note: Caution... you can NOT top coat on top of existing paint.

  • Time to re-stucco. Depending on the texture chosen, will determine this process.

Exterior stucco finishes by Appease Builders
Exterior stucco finishes by Appease Builders

Benefits -


  • If your stucco is NEVER painted again, your stucco will last you decades. Unlike painting, once you paint the stucco, you'll need to repaint every five years. If you calculate the saving over time, you will understand why it’s better to re-stucco, rather then paint.

  • Because the stucco is now able to breath and naturally release moisture, your stucco won’t chip off, crack or separate

  • Decades down the line if you need to restore color pigment to the stucco, do it by “fog coating” this is a thin layer of Portland cement and color pigment that is spayed onto the top coat and becomes one with the stucco.

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