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Appease Builders - SunSetter awnings

Installed by Appease Builders


Have you ever wished you can get a little relief from the blazing sun and need a simple and cost effective way to do it? Here are some options that we feel will bring the relief you are looking for. Beautiful, cost effective and one (1) day installation. SunSetter Shades and Awnings by Appease Builders.

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Motorized and Manual Awnings

The Motorized and Motorized XL are SunSetter's most popular, top-of-the-line retractable awnings. They are "lateral arm" style awnings, which means they require no vertical support arms. Instead, the support arms open laterally, just under the awning fabric, so there's nothing to obstruct your view.

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Free-Standing Awnings

Turn your backyard into your own personal vacation spot … entertain family and friends on your lawn, safe from the hot sun and 99% of harmful UV rays … have a festive get-together at night under our optional Patio Lights. The SunSetter Oasis gives you the ultimate in flexibility and versatility. Put it anywhere you want for comfortable, cooling shade. It can be up to 20 degrees cooler under the awning. Closes easily in less than one minute when you want to enjoy the sun. This standalone awning is stable on any level surface. It features a strong, self-supporting high quality aluminum frame with bronze baked enamel finish and an advanced stainless steel dual cable lateral arm extension technology for years of reliable operation. Can be left outdoors all year long. Just retract it when not in use. Both the motorized and manual-operated Oasis models come in two sizes:
12 ft. X 10 ft. and 16 ft. X 10 ft. (when full opened).

Sun Screens

Once hot sunlight goes through your windows and glass doors, it's too late -- the heat is already inside! That's why EasyShades are so much more effective than interior blinds or shades. EasyShades give you better, cooler shade, without taking up space inside your home. They save energy, help lower air conditioning bills, and help keep your furniture and carpets from fading in the sun. Like all EasyShades, the Solar-Powered EasyShade lets you enjoy the view without the glare.

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