Landscape & Outdoor Living

Appease Builders Co., For the longest time dating back, outdoor living has been a part in all of our lives, be it a BBQ, a swim in the pool, visiting with friends or just relaxing reading a book. Our home is our retreat, our sanctuary and the place where possibilities come to life.


Synthetic grass can give your front and backyard that year-round evergreen look that you have always wanted without the costly water bill or high maintenance.

Safe for Furbabies

Guarantee your lawn will not fall victim to brown spots, muddy holes or buried bones. Best of all–cleanup is as easy as hosing it down!

Durable Pet Turf system ensures a safe, fun and low maintenance environment for you and your pets.

Don’t let our Pet Turf product fool you! Our Pet Turf line still looks and feels like real grass! In fact, most animals can’t tell the difference! It’s perfect for front yards, back yards and dog runs of all sizes. Dogs large and small–from Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls to Great Danes can enjoy our Pet Turf system!  Animal shelters, boarding kennels and ranches love our products because Pet Turf can withstand the roughest play.

Our artificial grass is unmatched in durability and comes with a 15 year warranty to prove it.

By choosing Appease Builders - Hillside Pavers and our distributors SGW, you get a symphony of companies that completely backs every product sold. The manufacturing process has been the result of years of research and development, with the sole purpose of providing the strongest turf backing and the most beautiful artificial grass blades in the industry.

Curb Appeal Matters

Add value to your home and reduce maintenance costs.

Having an attractive landscape can greatly increase the value of your home.  The impact of an ever-green lawn will make your neighbors green with lawn-envy.


Take a Close-up View

The delight is in the details!


Take a closer look at our wide variety of high quality artificial turf products for homes, businesses, parks, and pets. See every realistic grass blade and admire the rich and natural colors that bring our products to life.  Feel free to ask about every product to decide which line of turf works best for your dream project! We definitely have something for everyone.


Be Water Wise

Save 65 gallons of water per square foot of synthetic grass.


Let’s face it.  A traditional lawn tends to be over-watered, and over fertilized and full of pesticides just to hopefully keep it green.  With the new technologies being developed for artificial turf, the amount of water you save is breath-taking.




What is Drainage and How Does it Work?

A very common topic of concern we receive from our customers is drainage. Many homeowners worry about pet urine or potential flooding from heavy rain.

Where does it go? How does it work? You don’t have to worry – our artificial grass is engineered for superior drainage.

The drainage systems of synthetic grass are primarily designed to allow water to percolate through the backing of the turf and drain through the base layer into the water table. Most artificial grass backing is perforated with holes that measure approximately ½ centimeter in diameter and can drain at a rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard. Believe it or not, this is actually better than a natural lawn!

With the exception of most synthetic putting greens, nearly all landscape turf is perforated and allows for easy, worry-free drainage. A good drainage system can not only help with clean up, but it will also help prevent spores and bacteria from building up within the synthetic grass.

Whether it’s water or pet urine, the drainage capacity ensures your turf will continue to look great after installation. No need to feel like you can’t have a picnic, run around, or let your dogs loose on it. Synthetic grass harnesses the technology to keep your landscape hassle free with great drainage capability.  

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